16 years of carefree living with my fandoms

WINNER ‘Color Ring’ - Acoustic Version

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Haru is too strong for Seungyoon.

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Never forget.

Always reblog. We can’t lose this important piece of history ever

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When was the last time I’ve been free?

I like someone… Not a past tense… But this certain someone is not a person i’ve known before - name, identity and even his FACE.

I saw him in my dream. Since then, I can’t forget about him. I’ve forgotten every fragments of that dream except the fact that he’s there. Or the fact that I fell in love with him in that dream and when it’s already the good part I was awaken by my mother’s annoying alarm clock.

Then I read an article about if you dream about someone you don’t know, it’s a ghost watching over you. So I was like, is he dead??

Another article is about if you dream about a stranger, he/she might be your other half. Again, I was like: so he’s dead now and I’ve got no chances of marrying in my lifetime? x)

Or maybe he’s alive and he’s out there probably doing who-knows-what?

Gawd, this is embarassing TT and YES, I still like him. Like I want to remeber, see and know who is he.

This is pointless but I want to share and maybe somebody out there has the same experience :))